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(image source: NOVA Community College)

I think many, even in progressive circles, would like to pretend otherwise, but there is an unfortunate tendency in society to deny women and/or BIPOC rightful titles they’ve earned.

The op-ed in The Wall Street Journal this morning that criticized Dr. Jill Biden for using the “doctor” honorific isn’t an anomaly. It may have been motivated by Dr. Biden’s rise to First Lady, but it is neither rare nor limited to public figures.

What a stunning coincidence that comparatively un-credentialed white men only seem to get their hackles raised about doctorates being referred to as “doctors” when it’s a woman…

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In 1980, a psychiatric nurse at Chicago’s Michael Reese Hospital (and mother of two) divorced her husband in the midst of a particularly troubled married life and decided to pursue her lifelong dream of an acting career.

She was 40.

She had a poignant catalyst: her mother’s deathbed confession that she regretted not pursuing her own dreams. So, this woman, with no previous experience or training in acting, signed up for classes at the Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago.

For ten years, she made a bumpy transition into acting. To support herself and her kids, she painted houses and hung…

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Today can be hard, and you are not alone in feeling that. (Source: Mix973)

I’d like to wish all my friends who are mothers a wonderful weekend. May it be everything you want and more.

I’d also like to extend warm thoughts toward my friends whose mothers are no longer with us or mothers who have lost a child. This weekend can be hard, and I wish you peace in celebrating their memory.

Finally, I’d like to express a measure of solidarity with my friends who, like me, look upon this weekend as an annual reminder of our abusive or toxic mothers. …

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Some fragile white males have taken offense to this image. (Source: New York Times)

Last week, the Army launched an investigation after blogger John Burk, an Iraq veteran, posted a photograph on Facebook of sixteen black women cadets at West Point posing for their “Old Corp” photo, a time-honored tradition in which modern senior cadets mimic the old-style, black-and-white photos of cadets long past.

Other than showing nearly every black woman in the graduating class (which, in itself, is sad and begs the question of whether the Academy should step up their “diversity outreach” efforts), nothing about it is remarkable. But Burk took issue with the “raised fist” gesture of the cadets, which he…

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Writer. Proudly Queer. Army Vet. Texan. @Georgetown Alum. Pronouns: She/Her. Inquiries:

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